The Biggar RCMP faced a wide variety of calls looking at their latest report. The local detachment dealt with a total of 48 occurrences during the week with eight warnings and fifteen traffic citations cracking the list.

Starting the report off, a young driver hopefully learned their lesson after being caught going 35 km/h over the speed limit, being handed a hefty fine of $554. More speed demons were noticed in the form of semi's racing up and down Range Road 3120 in the RM of Perdue.

Speed may have played a factor in an ongoing investigation near Springwater. A single vehicle collision was noted nearby the community, the vehicle suffering front-end damage after bottoming out in the ditch and later ripping through a fence. The vehicle was left at the scene, as police came across a "frankensteined" flat-deck truck of stolen parts, and police are currently searching for its owner. 

Thefts during the week saw the local Rose Hill Colony reporting one of their units stolen, an enclosed trailer with diesel heaters. In a separate case, while not confirmed to be connected, police learned of an abandoned vehicle stuck in a ditch where shortly after an individual made an attempt steal a truck. Their theft attempt was foiled after the farmers truck didn't have a key, and the ignition attempt failed.

Police would later track down a suspicious person from Saskatoon, found to be a hitchhiker. Found in the middle of the road and not suspected of any mischief, the individual was granted a ride to the city in the name of safety.

The final items of note from police had to do with some more mischievous behaviour. Reports were made inside the RM of Biggar that a group was driving in the area, shooting ducks from the back of the vehicle. Activity by the railroad saw CN reporting increased activity and also trespassing within their tracks, meanwhile, CP made reports of a person in dark clothing dangerously jumping out of a box car and fleeing after the train had stopped.

The recent report came out on May 6.