One more winter storm is set to hit West Central late Friday which may cause adverse driving conditions.  

The heaviest portion the of the snow is set to hit overnight Friday into Saturday, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Janelle Gergely.  

“It's going to start Friday evening. It's going to move into the southwest corner of the province. So, it will start over Cypress Hills and then it's going to spread to the northeast. The intense snow is really going to be overnight.” 

Due to the snowy weather, travel conditions are expected to be hazardous, Gergely added. 

“If you're traveling in the evening and overnight, it’s not going to be great. But even as we approach 9:00 am on Saturday, we're looking at heavy snow combined with strong winds. So, travel is going to be fairly adverse, specifically along the number 1 highway and south. But anything south of Highway 16 is going to see snow. We are expecting a wide swath of 10 to 15 cm.” 

Windy weather has already been noted ahead of this system, and Gergely talked about how much wind will continue as the system rolls through. 

“Ahead of the system, we're already going to see wind gusts 50 to 60 kilometers an hour, and then when the system goes through, we'll see similar wind speeds, but maybe even a little bit higher. We could see up to 70, so that's really going to result in some blowing snow and some drifting snow. The only thing that might help with that is that the temperatures going to warm up as the system approaches, so we're going to be looking at temperatures in like the -5 to - 10 range and that will help inhibit some of the blowing snow, but I think there will still be travel issues along the highways.” 

Give yourself some extra time to travel if plan to go anywhere this weekend, and always have an emergency preparedness kit. And as always, check the highway hotline for road closures and weather alerts.