A small group of business owners sat with the RCMP to learn anti-crime techniques to better protect themselves and their properties. 

Staff Sargent Kevin Peterson of the Kindersley RCMP detachment opened the talk by explaining the crime statistics for the area are low compared to other centers, with crime having been trending down for the past few years. 

With the recent string of business break ins though, some business owners were still concerned and wanted to learn new strategies to combat a problem that was fresh in their memory. 

Chanda Hetzel, Community program director with the RCMP was in attendance to present the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design program. 

CPTED aims at teaching business owners and individuals' techniques to deter and prevent crime from happening on or to their properties.  

Some strategies include the “three foot, six foot” rule where shrubs are trimmed to three feet and trees are pruned to six feet. Hetzel also pointed out that planting specific trees can help or hinder what is trying to be accomplished. 

Hetzel also brought up the “Broken Windows Theory” where others will treat something with the same level of respect as you treat it. This goes into maintain appearances of a property, conducting Maintenace as needed and fixing broken features. This incentivizes others to treat the space with respect and not take advantage of broken assets. 

Staff Sargent Peterson also took some time to explain the Kindersley RCMP Capture program, where individuals and businesses can register their security cameras, so that when a crime is committed, they can reference multiple videos that may have inadvertently recorded a reported crime. 

According to documentation, the registry is voluntary, confidential, for outdoor images only. It does not give police access to your camera and does not oblige you to provide images when asked. 

Consultations as well as the CPTED course itself are available through the Alberta Crime Prevention Center found here

More information on the capture program can be found here

Anyone with questions on any of these programs or how to get involved can contact the Kindersley RCMP Detachment