School safety patrolling, an opportunity for a variety of children to become part of.

Many children across Saskatchewan are becoming a part of the CAA school safety patrol program, a program that is targeted towards the goal of promoting safety in school zones. Members of the safety patrol program work to keep school zones safe for the students. 

Starting at the grade 4 level, students can enroll in the program to begin learning and develop an expertise in safety and how to promote safety in public environments.

CAA Saskatchewan's Senior Communications Specialist Angel Blair spoke on the topic. 

“Often what we find is there are a lot of benefits to becoming a school safety patroller. Many times, the children learn leadership skills, time management and project management skills are often gained. Their job is to ensure a safe journey to and from the school.” 

Students who enroll in the program have their work cut out for them, and although the job can be challenging at times, students are rewarded for their dedication to evolving and introducing safety across schools. 

“What we do is we give the school a little honorarium, just some money and tell them to throw an afternoon celebration to congratulate the job that they do, because in all honesty, it is not easy being a school safety patroller.” Blair exclaimed. 

“The children work in all kinds of weather. Sometimes cold temperatures, and sometimes the job is done on days that are extremely hot. So, we are very thankful that they do this job, and just seeing them out there providing for the school.” 

The CAA School Patrolling association provides students with all of their necessities within the program, such as vests and signs. Intereted schools can head onto the CAA School Patrol website for more information about enrolling.