According to the CAA Saskatchewan website, May is School Safety Patrol Month.

"Thank you, patrollers, for the valuable volunteer work that you do in helping to keep students and school zones safe. Thank you, safety patrol coordinators and law enforcement, for working with our patrollers for the safety of all students."

It was proclaimed by the Honourable Dustin Duncan, Minister of Education in Saskatchewan, as this month is a good time to recognize the over 3,000 patrollers in close to 100 schools across 42 Saskatchewan communities.

There are more than a few reasons to get into safety patrol. Not only do patrollers help keep Saskatchewan school zones safe, they gain confidence, learn responsibility, and leadership through the program. 

There are also a few benefits. Of the safety patrollers we talked to this morning in Kindersley, one spilled the beans that sometimes they get chocolate for performing their duties. Believe it or not back in the day, a ski trip was always on the schedule for the Westberry School volunteers.

Follow the above link to learn more about how to start a CAA School Safety Patrol program.