Cereals Canada is the latest organization pledging support for the Grain Growers of Canada's 'Road to 2050'.

The GGC says the ‘Road to 2050’ climate solutions initiative will propose a path that focuses on innovation, research, and beneficial management practices that will reduce emissions while feeding a growing world population. 

Mark Walker, Vice President of Markets and Trade with Cereals Canada says we know that Canadian farmers are sustainable.

"We know they do so much good work on their farms every day, but increasingly they're being called upon to demonstrate that work. So to us, supporting the 'Road to 2050' is all about as a value chain organization, helping ensure that farmers' voices are heard in this conversation."

He notes this is also a natural fit with their National Wheat Research Priorities.

Another priority for Cereals Canada is continuing to build our export market.

Walker spoke to us from Japan last week, while attending meetings with customers, as well as regulators. 

"It's an annual trip that we haven't been able to do since 2019. So, we're really happy to be over here, meeting with folks who purchase and use Canadian wheat and cereals. Just checking in and making sure that a very important market for Canadian cereals can stay abreast of regulatory developments in Canada, and that we can do the same here."

He notes markets in Asia - China and Japan - account for about 30 per cent of Canada's wheat market annually.