The Kindersley Inn was buzzing last night as some great discussion was had surrounding the new constituency of Kindersley-Biggar.

Word first came out back in January that current MLA for Biggar-Sask Valley Randy Weekes would be seeking the Saskatchewan Party nomination in the new constituency. Weekes held his first conference announcing the news back on the afternoon of January 5th in front of a packed house in Biggar, and then a more sparse crowd in Kindersley later that night received the same news.

Last night in Kindersley was much more well attended, as people in the area have had a couple of months chance to wrap their heads around the boundary changes:

thumbnail_Kindersley Biggar riding.jpg These changes remove Eatonia from the southern portion of the riding, instead combining Kindersley in with the Biggar region (Screenshot via Final Report)

While topics on the night extended to more than just the new riding of Kindersley-Biggar, one of the first questions given to Weekes got right to point in asking him why he feels he would be a good person to represent the area's interests. With his home base in Biggar, it's a fair question for residents in the southern portion of the new riding to ask.

In his response, Weekes laid out the fact that with his current riding of Biggar-Sask Valley, his two official offices are spread out about the same distance as what the upcoming map would bring for him out of Kindersley. Adding to that point, the Biggar-Sask Valley constituency was actually a newly formed riding itself back during Weekes' victories in 2016 and 2020 meaning he's no stranger to a new map:

Weekes conference march 3 1.jpg Topics last night besides the new constituency included the energy and ag sectors, healthcare, firearms, and more

The topic of healthcare was also raised. Specifically healthcare staff, and how they are not staying in our communities. This is a topic right up Weekes' alley after success noted in Biggar in filling (and keeping) the needed positions there:

Other than the upcoming Founding meeting, another important date down the road Weekes shared was that the Midwestern Legislative Conference, one of Weekes' international pieces of the portfolio, would be coming to Saskatchewan for their AGM in 2025.

This meeting was the conclusion of more than a few for Mr. Weekes around West Central. The local MLA is also the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, and will be back to regular business next week as sitting resumes at Legislature.

You can contact Weekes himself at 1-306-951-8052, or by email at