Scattered rain showers are in the forecast to begin what's expected to be a cooler week around west-central Saskatchewan.

Meteorologist Drew Lerner says it's a byproduct of the tropical storm Hilary, as Saskatchewan is standing in the way of it's remaining moisture.

"We will see scattered showers and a few rumbles of thunder as we go forward through the middle part of this week." said Lerner. "The precipitation is expected to be varied, and it's going to work its way from south to north across the province as we move forward in time."

Lerner explained where it will be hitting locally.

"Most of the precipitation today is expected to occur from the Cypress Hills region, Leader, as well as Kindersley. From there through Outlook, and over towards Wynyard, and maybe catching some of the region up around Humboldt and Saskatoon.

Check out the full five day forecast for the week here.

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