The veterinatrian clinic in Kindersley wants the community to know that they need to see your four-legged friend before any medical treatment can start.

Like any other veterinarian clinic, they are governed by the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association who are very strict in protecting the animals, owners and veterinarians themselves. 

A big fear is that without the proper weight the medicine will either be too much or too little, harming the animal in either case. 

Within the SVMA bylaws it states: 

No member shall diagnose, recommend a course of treatment, prescribe medications, or perform any medical or surgical procedure on an animal without the formation of a valid VCPR, (Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship) 

If these rules are not followed licenses can be withdrawn as well as much harsher consequences for both the Veterinarian and the clinic itself. 

Residents are advised that they will need to come in person and get their pet weighed and processed to receive any medication.