Badminton season will be coming to a close with end-of-season competitions taking place across the next few weeks. After sectionals were held earlier this week across the region, district championships running this weekend will mark the end of the road for junior players, and the end of the first round for senior. 

Dinsmore Composite School is in the mix once again this year with players at both the junior and senior levels. Lance Morrison with the school reached out to WestCentralOnline to provide an update on their season.

The junior team is coached by Dawn Thomson. The top two finishers in each category earned the right to move onto districts.

Blake Lawes finished first, and Alex Gauthier finished second in boys singles to both qualify for districts. Sam Ellis and Lucas Bencharski finished first in boys doubles to qualify as well. Gauthier and Kai Somerville finished third in doubles, not qualifying, but playing well in what was their first outing of the season.

Morrison stated in the email that travel issues on the girls side in Dinsmore eventually led to their season ending. Morrison shared that Harlie McNeely and Macey Edstrom qualified for girls singles, Makenzie Crofts-Abigail Pajunen, and Brianne Jespersen-Jade Beattie qualifying for girls doubles. Morrison listed Charity Pajunen-Ty Green as the local team moving on.

Morrison is the coach of the senior badminton team, who travelled to Beechy on April 24 for their sectionals. Senior sectionals also saw the top two advancing in each category.

Morrison shared that Finn Asnanto finished second in boys singles, and Sebastian Jespersen finished third. Boys doubles saw Brayden Marchuk-Hunter Lawes finishing second, and Jesse Reiber-Ashley Alberto placing third.

Senior girls action saw Abigail Friesen win the championship in girls singles, and Alexis Elstad-Darling McNeely winning it all in girls doubles. The team of Dezarae Jordan-Francheska Villamor finished second, and then finally in mixed doubles, another championship went to Amiyah Jones-Cooper Flath, the team of Sierra Tully-Alex Elstad finishing in third.

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The senior athletes moving on from districts will then qualify for SHSAA Regionals in Rosetown the next weekend, May 4. Anyone who moves on from Rosetown will be penciled in for a spot at provincials in Nipawin.