The Government of Saskatchewan made big news to start 2024, following through on their plans to stop collecting the carbon tax on home heating.

The moves became official on January first, and now a few days into 2024, a certain segment of customers are wondering how they will receive the relief. SaskPower stated that any "customers who rely on electric power as their primary source of home heating" will need to take a few steps to ensure they see a 60% reduction on their federal carbon tax charge.

"While we’ve already identified most of the customers who qualify for this relief, there may be some who haven’t previously told us they have electric heat and therefore haven’t been identified in our system. If this is you, please contact us through the message centre in your MySaskPower account."

The steps are fairly simple. Customers must log-on, and access and the message centre webpage available here. From there people just need to send them a message through the “Saskatchewan Electric Heat Relief” drop-down menu, including information like your full name, applicable service address and SaskPower account number before hitting send.

Not everybody will need to take part in this process with many customers already penciled in for the relief. Bills will show the savings under a line titled “Sask Electric Heat Relief” under the “Other Charges” section. Anyone who failed to submit their information prior to January 1, 2024 should know that if qualified, customers can still contact SaskPower through their MySaskPower account, and will receive corrected invoices retroactive to the first of the month. 

Other frequently asked questions answered by SaskPower can be found here on the SaskPower website. Learn more on how much it will cost, where the money will go, and much more.