Livestock feed availability is one of the big concerns facing farmers in BC, following the recent flooding.

AAFC Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau commented on the situation, noting she's working closely with BC's Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham.

"We're trying to see where we can find feed," said Bibeau. "With CFIA, they are still looking at giving more flexibility, some time, on the type of food for the animals. The flexibility that CFIA is working on, also applies on labelling or anything that could facilitate the supply of food for us but also feed for animals."

Bibeau also commented on the issues facing dairy producers.

"This is very challenging because thousands of dairy cows have been caught in the flood. We don't know yet exactly the size of the impact. Obviously, we're collaborating. The dairy sector is very well organized and they are trying to support one another and trying to find ways to bring milk on the shelves in the grocery stores."

Bibeau said the Province of BC has already submitted a preliminary request for AgriRecovery.

CP Rail said operations in British Columbia between Kamloops and Vancouver resumed last Tuesday, and the first trains going to Vancouver arrived Wednesday morning. They were loaded grain trains and a train carrying fuel.