The latest Biggar RCMP report was a busy one. 

One of the reports saw police called to action after an internal dispute between a family farming operation. It stated that a 59-year-old from Asquith was feuding with his 31-year-old son over farming issues. Upon calling police, the older male insinuated that the younger male had been speaking to him "in a criminal manner", and requested the matter be taken to court.

Outside of criminal activity in Perdue, that was among the most notable reports on a list that also included a wide variety of vehicle calls.

One of them included the collision between two vehicles that met unexpectedly in the intersection of Quebec Street and 2 Avenue West. This resulted in the car setting on fire due to the electrical system failing, and while police did their best to save the vehicle with a fire extinguisher, the Biggar Fire Department stepped in only to prevent a "total inferno". 

One call from Highway #14 saw a suspicious vehicle containing a single male following a resident off the highway and into town, eventually leaving without further incident. Traffic services were also kept busy during the week as they handed out a three-day driving suspension to a 26-year-old Perdue Male who was operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana. 

One theft during the week detailed reports of a 32-year-old male walking out on his liquor tab, stealing a bottle of Vodka from the liquor store in the process. The individual eventually sobered up, and the situation was mediated with the help of police.

Another criminal caught by police saw a 24-year-old male on an arrest warrant trying to hide in plain sight. Being tipped off by the suspect's facial tattoos, the public helped play a major part in carrying out the eventual arrest.

With the cold weather continuing into last week, police in Biggar also performed at least one wellbeing check. They were tasked with checking on the business owner at a local restaurant after numerous concerning calls from the local coffee row. Patrons and fellow business owners became worried after not seeing "Peter" for weeks, and upon a visit it was deemed that a break-in was necessary out of genuine concern, only for members to find Peter alive-and-well and dealing with hot water issues inside the business. 

The week also included a total of 30 occurrences, as the Biggar detachment issued a total of seven tickets and one warning across the recent reporting period.