The West Central region has seen its fair share of rainfall over the month of June. Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang gives the totals for Kindersley up until now. 

“So far this month there's been 93 millimeters of rain. Twelve of those millimeters fell on the 19th, 31 fell on the 20th, so you guys are starting to pick up some good amounts of rain there,” Lang said. 

Rosetown didn’t get as much as Kindersley, but during the June 13th event, Lang said the weather station was hard to gauge because of the flash flooding.  

“Rosetown had that one event. I don't think the station caught all of it, there had been some flooding east of the town and that was on the 13th when 47.8 millimeters fell. They didn't get as much afterwards. They've only gotten looks like maybe about 5 or 6 millimeters since then so, for the month, they're up to 64.1 millimeters,” Lang added. 

As for the forecast for the next few days, a cold front is moving into the region, which may cause some more severe weather beginning sometime today. 

“We see all the ingredients for severe weather coming together for parts of Saskatchewan, so looks like the West Central area is probably going to be in that risk area,” Lang said. 

Then tomorrow sees a sharp drop in temperature according to Lang. 

“Temperatures will be kind of taking a bit of a nosedive just because of the way the system is wrapping around. Probably some showers floating around and gusting northwest winds and we know that brings in cooler temperatures, but a bit of a rebound towards the weekend with some warmer temperatures are expected,” Lang also said. 

The spring and summer season has already been much wetter than in previous years, something Lang pointed out to be more typical for the month of June. 

“The last couple of years have been so dry that what's happening this spring this summer is more typical of the weather we're supposed to get in June. This is more typical; I just think people kind of forgot that after the last couple years,” Lang said. 

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