The two sides have been in contract talks for more than a year with Grain Services Union Local 1 (Viterra Country Operations and Maintenance) and Local 2 (Viterra Regina Head Office), rejecting the company’s final offer on December 15.

The union says, in a statement, they are seeking “fair wages, improved work-life balance, and workplace respect.”

Talks are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in Regina, in an effort to avoid a strike or lockout. The Grain Services Union (GSU) could walk off the job as soon as 2 pm on Friday.

“This strike notice provides for time for the company to come back to negotiations and address members concerns.” said GSU General Secretary Steve Torgerson, “But members are not willing to give the company much longer. It is time for them to take bargaining seriously.”

There are reports that a government-appointed mediator will be joining the negotiations.

The Grain Services Union represents about 435 employees.

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