City of Regina Fieldhouse was the venue for the first event of these games: gymnastics. All 9 athletic zones put a team on the mat today. A Team Mixer kicked things off at 9:05am. 

Tomorrow these young athletes will do the Balance Beam

Wednesday is Bars Artistic, and Vault Artistic.

Dinsmore sent Mikayla Crofts. We also have Arabella Gilroy from Dodsland, and Emily Hamilton from Rosetown. 

  • Parkland - 111.675
  • Saskatoon - 110.025
  • North - 109.025
  • Regina - 108.875
  • Lakeland - 108.775
  • Prairie Central - 107.8
  • South West - 107.45
  • Rivers West - 105.95
  • South East - 105.825

Alpine Skiing

Zach Kirk from Stran Raer is competing in U17 Alpine Skiing. Corbin Weins from Herschel is in the U15 division. The two of them did the slalom run this morning at 9:45am. They did the run again at 12:45pm today.

The female division joined them in the afternoon and they'll do their second run tomorrow. We have Unity's Chanae Bowker in U13 female Alpine Skiing.

Ski Cross will be run right on the tails of the Slalom. Those are the two aspects of Alpine Skiing. Final heats will be run on Wednesday.


Kennedy Sopczak & Emma Genis are from Biggar and they are going for Gold in this year's winter games, on now. 

We also have badminton players Jory Bronken and Payton Schell from Wilkie to watch, along with Cheyanne Cey from Scott and Thomas Snell from Unity.

Draws were at 1pm and 5pm today, and at 9am tomorrow morning. We're in Pool A and the tournament format will have us facing off against Pool B after those first three matches.

Finals are on Wednesday. RESULTS


Herschel's Cailean Fehr and Rosetown's Denys Kuzmych are the local athletes to watch. Similar to Figure Skating the matches won't start until later in the week.

Figure Skating

14 year old Simeon Bakanec has been training for 6 years in the sport of Figure Skating. His coaches are Neil Tymoruski and Amber Wildman.

He will skate in the Sask Winter Games on Days 4 & 5. 

The 2023 Canada Winter Games are also on right now in PEI. Feb 18th to Mar 5th mark the days for our national winter games. Our smallest province is hosting the biggest games, and the entire country is rooting for athletes that qualified. 3600 participants are currently on Prince Edward Island - they host 20 sports in 15 days.

10 local players on Team Sask female hockey