A new day, a new fire ban.

No precipitation this time of year can lead to very dangerous situations out in the field. Multiple grass fires have already been noted around west central Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang talked about how people need to be extra careful this time of year. She also gave some insight as to why, because it isn't the weather.

"They are taking off. It's not lightning that's causing them either. Those are human caused fires."

It's not that people are actively starting fires, but more so the fact that a lack of due care and attention is all it can take to put a field into flames.

"Because we are in grass fire season, that's after the snow melts and before everything greens up, everything is extremely dry," said Lang, "Really susceptible to grass fires, especially because the winds over the next few days are going to be pretty gusty. Just that reminder for people to be really careful with ignition sources."

Messing around with fire is never a good idea this time of year. Neither is discarding your cigarette butts. There are lots of different ways to cause a spark.

"Farm equipment can do it. Even trains can set off grass fires. Got to be really careful this time of year, especially with the heat, especially with the dryness, especially with the wind."

Although it may not be much, some rain is currently in the forecast for Saturday night.