Around a hundred people showed up to stand against the carbon tax that increased on April 1. 

“...Its all top all needs to change” Margret from Smilie and Mary from Kerrobert explained while carrying signs calling for the government to remove the carbon tax. 

Wade who also attended the protest explained“...Our dollar amount after get in to our bank account after we work our full two weeks, is less and less in there, and not only just less there, when we go to spend more to buy groceries, 500 dollars gets you half a grocery cart today compared to 8 years ago it got you two grocery carts.”  

Lyle, a farmer from Eston voiced his concerns for the future as well. “...You hear everything on the radio, and they are talking about how it's just going to affect your price of gas a few cents. They don't see that it compounds, I’m a farmer and they say your fuel is all exempt, yah the farm fuel delivered to the farm is exempt. But the truckers that haul our fertilizer to the farm aren’t exempt, they have to pass that on. The fertilizer companies that produce it, they aren’t exempt they have to pay to get the product shipped to them...Every step on the chain it compounds on...”  

The increase sees carbon emissions raise from $65 to $80 per ton.