As summer finally hits Western Saskatchewan bringing highs of high 20's and low 30's everyone is feeling the heat and a lot of people are trying to beat the heat, but what about our four-legged friends? Well, it turns out that they're feeling this heat just as bad if not worse than us. And the reason for that is simply put dogs can't release heat like us they do it by panting.

Charlotte Williams is a Veterinarian in Elrose and she had this to say about the temperatures, "So if they're in the elements with no protection like no shade and no water they will overheat and it will kill them and it basically will kill them it will basically give them heatstroke." Williams also went on to say that the most dangerous place to keep animals on a hot day is inside the car because the temperature outside the car is never the same as inside the car, "So if your outside temperature let's say it's 26 outside inside the vehicle it will be like 37, because that's how the variants of outside and inside of a vehicle, that's how great the change is in temperature. Within a very short period of time if the animals is panting in there, they can actually make themselves more hot because they can't get rid of the extra heat".

Williams also had some tips to make sure your furry friend would be comfortable this summer, "If it's hot I would just leave them home, let them go and do there exercise then take them home as soon as you can. You can make sure you have water with them, seek shade and make sure they have lots of water drink on your way home, it's basically make sure they're hydrated and have lots of shade."

Williams finished off by recommending a small paddle pool for dogs and lot's of fresh water to cool them down.