The recent weather has been a mixed bag, a trend that could continue (after a nice day on Tuesday) looking at this week's forecast.

There has been enough rain to keep things wet, but only a few showers coming down hard enough to keep people indoors. This past weekend around Kindersley was a perfect example, with sunny weather for most of Saturday into Sunday, before a storm worthy of a weather advisory kept people under cover for a good amount of time. Skies would eventually clear up once again for a nice evening. 

Yesterday's weather saw Kindersley gather 5.4 mm of total precipitation. Sunday's system must have only swiped areas to the west, as Rosetown did not record any precipitation, same with Outlook. Scott's weather station to the north also did not record any moisture, while to the south Leader did record a small amount of precipitation at 0.8 mm. 

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Looking at the short-term, the entire region is expecting a balmy Tuesday. High's between 27 and 29 degrees are in the forecast to start the week for all of the weather stations listed above, Leader unsurprisingly coming in as the hot spot. 

The summer-like weather could be short-lived with rain beginning Thursday, Wednesday night in some areas. It's been a wet month overall, and the rain gauge for May will have a couple more opportunities to top itself off.