The horizon looks promising for members with the Kindersley and District Plains Museum as they prepare for this year's events.

Board members are looking to feed off of last year's momentum to make 2017 a memorable year for the institution; especially with Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary of becoming a nation.

Residents can expect a large amount of hoopla on July 1st. The museum is hoping to put on their own event which will be open to the public, and it is sure to offer people a wonderful experience. "Most of it is still in the planning stages yet, but we intend to put on a big celebration," said Glen Sitter, Vice-Chair with the Kindersley and District Plains Museum. "[The event] probably won't interfere with the flag raising ceremony at Baker Park."

Sitter mentioned how the Board will be putting extra emphasis on railroads this year as 2017 is the "Year of the Railroad". This includes the museum using more money towards their railroad station and focusing more attention on its restoration project.

Last year, the museum offered a wide range of events catering to all ages in the community. Some of the most attended events include the pancake breakfast during the Kindersley Indoor Rodeo, antique thrashing and seeding demonstrations, and hosting conventions for organizations and institutions in the province.

Among all the popular occasions put on by the museum, a lot of work was done on restoring and maintaining antique buildings, equipment, and even extensive progress done on the CNR Brock Railway Station. The amount of labour needed for these projects demands a lot from members of the museum, and finding the extra help within the community is growing more difficult.

"It seems to be getting worse because we seem to have a little trouble getting younger people involved," explained Sitter. "Most of the people involved right now are getting up in their eighties and late seventies."

He added how the museum is searching for volunteers to assist in anything from helping to restore buidlings and equipment, and even smaller tasks such as painting. Residents are encouraged to contact the museum if they are interested in helping with any tasks.

The Kindersley and District Plains Museum is located just off Highway 7 from the town's east access. The building is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM all week.