Starting June 3, Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery will be showing the grade 5 and 6 best projects from the year.  

Tracey Cholin, chairperson of the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery is excited for the event, hoping that it draws in a wide variety of people,  

"They approached the gallery about doing an art show, and we felt that we could accommodate them because part of our mandate at the gallery is to promote art and culture in the community.  

So, we were hoping to reach a broader audience by doing this.” 

There will be the best and favorite pieces of 29 students so there will be no shortage of creativity and imagination on display. 

Anyone can come to view the show during the week, between 8:30am and 4:30pm, with the exception of during the lunch hour when the building is closed.

There will be a reception as well on June 3rd at 7 pm. 

If this doesn’t work for someone, you are asked to contact the gallery and work out a time that works. 

More information can be found on their Facebook page here