The Kin Club of Unity has a fun event on the way ahead of TeleMiracle 48.

It's the final week to adopt a duck for the club's new competition this year, as lead organizer for the event Breanna Elder shared a little bit more on what's going on.

"The Unity Kin Club is having a duck derby this year for our TeleMiracle fundraiser. You can purchase a duck for $10, and this will put you into our elimination draw, and if you are one of the last three ducks drawn from the pool you will win a prize."

Elder shared how the fresh idea for Unity residents came about.

"Back around Christmas we started brainstorming some ideas for TeleMiracle, and I went to the Kin Canada website, and they have a big dashboard of events happening all around Canada. This one really caught my eye."

The young member of the Kin Club talked about taking the initiative for this year's fundraiser. 

"I guess I'm pretty eager, said let's do a big event this year, and we are going to try it here in Unity for the first time and hopefully it's successful, and we can do it for years to come for a TeleMiracle fundraiser."

When it comes to the club's specific plans for TeleMiracle 48, Elder shared that Kin Club of Unity President Nora Aldred will once again be on stage. In the past Aldred has performed the honours, and will have a few special guests when this year's telethon comes around.

"(Aldred), and I believe her daughters will be heading to TeleMiracle this year to present the funds we raised here in Unity, on the Kin Club of Unity's behalf."

Elder gave one final pitch to take part in the duck derby. The day will also feature a pie-in-the-face, and balloon popping as a way to pass the day and raise some extra funds.

"To purchase a duck for the derby, it'll be ten bucks a duck." 

See the poster below for more details ahead of this week's duck derby. 

425749591_10160277411898026_21776379394437547_n.jpg$10 a duck (Poster via Kin Club of Unity on Facebook)