It was two-different stories looking at highways around west-central Saskatchewan this weekend.

Kindersley Fire Chief Jeff Soveran confirmed that their only calls over the weekend were in town, as Soveran was "pleasantly surprised" that Sunday's snowfall didn't lead to any extra activity for the department on local highways. They managed to avoid cars in the ditch, both minor and major collisions, and any other adverse conditions caused by the snow.

However, the icy conditions around Kindersley were nothing compared to sections of Highway 7 between Rosetown and Saskatoon. On Sunday, a section of highway between Rosetown and Delisle was actually closed due to the dangerously slippery conditions, and a truly unfortunate situation took place for members of the Delisle & District Fire Department

The emergency service shared on Facebook that, "two firefighters were injured after a unit rolled en-route to an accident west of Delisle", and that while the firefighters are expected to make a full recovery, "both needed to be freed from the crumpled cab of the fire truck using the jaws of life".

The department gave major thanks towards the Montrose Volunteer Fire Department, who provided a timely response to help get Delisle members back to safety. Numerous other crews were recognized for their help in the truly devastating situation.

"Thanks also to all our other brothers and sisters with MD Ambulance, STARS, the RCMP and Vanscoy Police who came to assist. In the meantime, hug your family and recognize how quickly and profoundly things can change in an instant. Today our fire family was lucky."

One of many fire departments learning about the news, Kindersley Fire shared the following statement to social media on Sunday.

"Today was one of those days that reminds us all that we are only human. Delisle Fire had a scare and ended up needing to extricate two of their own members from an apparatus." the fire department shared. "A friendly reminder. First responders have family’s to get home to as well. If you choose to go on the roads in inclement weather, we as first responders may not always be able to safely help you. Please stay home when the roads and weather are problematic, and please slow down if you happen to come across us as we try to help others in need."

Kindersley wasn't the only west-central based team to voice their support. The Biggar Fire Department, Outlook/Rudy Fire Department, Wilkie & District Fire Department, and Eston and District Fire Department all gave their own wishes as well. Sunday's incident was a good reminder of the heavy nature of being a firefighter, click here to find all of the comments relating to the near-tragedy.