The Kindersley Legion Branch 57 came across quite the find.

The above photo of two men on a motorbike features Roy Zeller, who was born in Saskatchewan in 1921, and local Lloyd Ament driving through Colchester Essex, England during WW2.

They received these old photographs from the war courtesy of one Stew Smith from Warwick, Rhode Island. Smith reached the Legion through Facebook as after going through some boxes, he came across a picture that he knew had to be shared.

He had a feeling it was a former member with the Legion. Turning out to be Lloyd Ament during the Second World War. Smith said that Lloyd was married to his Dad's cousin.

Smith came across another photo as he gave the local Legion full permission to share them.

"They don't do anyone any good sitting in a box."

It was also shared the below photo was estimated to be taken around 2002:

334172977_1094548681947006_7713938589923842557_n.jpgThe back of the photo says Herb - Lloyd - Al (Kindersley Legion)