Some are stating it's the worst storm they've seen in the area in the last 15 years and the reports from Environment Canada are proving that to be true. 

In Kindersley, between Saturday and Sunday, Environment Canada reported a total of 47.6 cm of snow for the community, with 11.6 cm falling on Saturday and the remaining 35.8 cm yesterday. However, as many can attest to, the strong winds that created the blizzard conditions, have now created snow drifts, some as high as 5 feet or more. 

To put the weekend's snowfall in perspective, the nearly 48 cm that recently accumulated is more than Kindersley saw in November, December, January and February last winter. Those four months totalled 43.8 cm combined, approximately 4 cm less than what fell this weekend. 

Surrounding communities were not left unscathed, but did seem to fare better than Kindersley. 

Rosetown reported 16.8 cm over the weekend, with last November recording 16.2 cm for the whole month. Bigger and Leader also beat last November's monthly totals this past weekend. Bigger reported 21.1 cm on the weekend, 6 cm more than last November and Leader had a total of 23.1 cm Saturday and Sunday, which is almost double last November snowfall of 12.8 cm total.

It will likely be several days before all residents can be sufficiently mobile again in Kindersley. The Town has asked residents to move their vehicles off of the street if possible so they can start the snow removal process. Currently, Environment Canada is calling for more snow this week, not nearly what we just experienced, but is said to add a couple more cm to our total accumulation.

The Highway Hotline is slowly returning roadways to a drivable status, but anyone taking to the roadways should still consult the webpage for the current conditions and take all the necessary precautions associated with winter driving.