The Kindersley Swim Club is gearing up for another season of competitive speed swimming and is hopeful the club can flourish once again. Club President Carissa Graham explains the club is small at the moment, but is confident 2024 will be a year for growth.

"Right now, there's just a small group of us trying to grow the club. I feel its new to the community because we didn’t have a pool for so long. We used to have a thriving club years ago that all of us on the board used to swim at, so that’s why we want to see the club back at its greatness again. We need more members to come help make decisions on where the club goes and when they go and how the club functions."

With the season approaching quickly, Graham highlights where the club will travel through the summer months and how it won't be grueling for competitors and parents.

"Our season starts May 1st and the club practices twice a week. They're hoping to go to several meets this summer including: Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Biggar, Rosetown and semi provincials this year are in Humboldt. If any kid can make it to just one meet, they can qualify to go to semis, they don’t have to go to all the meets. They can just go to whichever one works for their families in the summer."

Registration is closing soon and Graham details where those interested register.

"You can go on our Facebook page, Kindersley Swim Club and there's a registration section. There's a link in there that they can click. They do have to create an account with this active website, but all the information they need is in there."

The registration deadline is March 24th and competitors aged 7-18 are able to sign up. Swimmers must be 7 years of age as of April 30th of the current swimming year. A swimsuit and jammers sizing will follow shortly after.