The Town of Kindersley has won a National Award for Municipal Innovation.

Kindersley received the 2016 Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators Willis Award for Innovation in recognition of the town's Waste Water Project.  Kindersley was featured in the Under 20,000 population category during the CAMA's national conference in Winnipeg.

A total of 41 submissions from all across Canada were received for this year's CAMA awards program.  The Willis Award is presented for programs, projects or services that demonstrate exceptional innovation or meritorious initiative.  The awards are categorized by population for those under 20,000, those between 20,001 and 100,000, and those over 100,000.

Representatives from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators called the project an innovative municipal-private sector partnership that captures backwash waste water for industrial use and generates new revenue for the municipality.

A new reservoir began operation in 2014 after increased water consumption was recorded at the Kindersley Water Treatment Facility, along with extensive strain on the facility by local fracking companies.  This cut into Kindersley's supply of potable water and affected the time to replenish the water supply.

The reservoir is estimated to generate half a million dollars for Kindersley over five years.  The project will diminish the strain on Kindersley's water treatment infrastructure, and along with other benefits will allow sustainability of oil an gas operations in the region with a decreased impact to water resources.