A proud and iconic facility in Kerrobert is raising funds to upgrade and modernize it’s interior to better suit the times and residents. Pioneers Haven, which is an assisted living non-profit corporation providing independence for seniors is currently seeking donations to help achieve this goal.  

Pioneers Haven Manager, Krystal Bazylinski details what will be upgraded around the facility with the money raised.  

“We are focusing on the dining room and living room. The tables and chairs are quite old and they need some replacing sooner rather than later and then we're wanting to paint the whole dining room and living room just to give it a little bit of a fresh boost and update. We would love to get some new window coverings as there are some right now, but they're not really functional and then we are also hoping the cherry on top would be to get some new flooring in here as well.” 

Along with the furniture and interior upgrades, Bazylinski added they are also looking to increase the number of exercise equipment available to the residents. 

“We also have plans for getting in at least four more exercise bikes for the residents. We do have one and they love it and it’s well used, so I wanted to get at least four more to put in front of the other windows in the living room.” 

workout bike

Money has been donated in a number of ways, with a large portion of it coming from another prominent business in a nearby town. 

“I started with an online 50/50. It just ended here the other day on Monday, and it did really well. By the end of the evening, we raised just under $14,000. The Haven will get half of the proceeds to go towards the upgrades. We also just got a generous donation from the Luseland Credit Union.” 

That generous donation came in the form of a $10,000 cheque and was proudly presented in person by Adam Franko, Bank Manager of the Luseland Credit Union who outlined how and why the LCU Board of Directors decided to donate that amount. 

“We received a letter from The Pioneers Haven requesting some funds to go towards the upgrade of their living quarters and we took it to our board meeting. At that meeting we discussed the great use of that facility in the entire area, and we do know we have several people from our community that do use the facility. A lot of the board members even discussed how the facility had kind of looked the same for a number of years and they decided that they would like to help out in a big way and came up with a $10,000 amount to help their project along.” 

Franko also described how grateful Pioneers Haven was for the huge amount and the warm response he received not only from Bazylinski, but the entire facility. 

“The reception from The Pioneers Haven has been just phenomenal. They were very, very appreciative right from the start. You know, to my first conversations with Krystal, about the donation, and then you know, seeing that they're posting and that kind of thing, it just shows they really appreciate it and that’s good to see that our funds are going to a good place and that it’s going to make a difference for them.” 

The donation received from the Luseland Credit Union is an extraordinary amount and is a huge addition to the overall goal of around $30,000 to ensure all upgrades can be completed. 

When Bazylinski was notified of the donation, it was an overwhelming experience she stated. 

“Seeing that this is a very big project that needs to be completed and they're going to help, however they can, it meant the absolute world when Adam gave me the phone call to let me know what the board decided, it was instant tears. The Luseland Credit Union is a staple in our community, not just Luseland. They are so generous, and they give so much back to the community, and this is just again showing the Luseland Credit Union's true colors.” 

In addition to the Credit Union’s contribution, the 50/50 draw, an organized paint night, and a donation box set up at Pioneers Haven, a few more events are planned in hopes of meeting a deadline of mid to late summer.  

Another 50/50 draw is set to take place and Spring fling bingo night is another potential way to raise additional funds. Bazylinski does have an end date in mind to when Pioneer Haven would like to see the upgrades completed. 

“My hope is by the end of August, for sure by November to have that all done and updated so that we can have a great celebration and do a ribbon cutting ceremony.”  

Pioneers Haven will celebrate it’s 25th year anniversary in November and a modernized facility to go along with that achievement would be the cherry on top of the wonderful facility in Kerrobert.  

upgrades for pioneers havenFeatured is the present state of Pioneers Haven and the expected upgrades when completed