For four years Saskatchewan football players have brought home the gold in the Western Challenge football championships. Aiden McGrath, one of the rostered players on team Saskatchewan, say "Saskatchewan football is hard to replicate" The Saskatchewan program is top tier and it showed with shutout wins against Manitoba and Alberta in the U16 game. 

The Saskatchewan roster had two boys from west-central Saskatchewan Aiden McGrath with Plenty Wildcats and Cohen Phillips with Kerrobert Rebels. With only 40 rostered players from across Saskatchewan it was a good representation of our small town football programs here in west-central Saskatchewan.

Cohen Phillips said he was a little nervous going into the camp on how challenging it was being up against players from big city programs. Him and his family were ecstatic when he received word of making the team. "I couldn't be more excited to play in that game" says Cohen.

Team Saskatchewan took on Manitoba beating them 38-0 which took them onto the gold metal game against Alberta. They continued their shut out streak taking the win with a score of 24-0 

Both boys found the experience to be amazing in building their skills as players. Being able to stay in the dorms, connecting with the other players and training sessions offered leading up to the championship