In conjunction with Buy-Low Foods out of Kindersley, Foodmesh is continuing to stay busy providing groceries for those in need. The food is collected 4 days a week, and then sorted and prepared for people to come and pick up their groceries in the evening.

Totals are tracked in six different categories: Produce, Grocery, Bakery, Meat/Seafood, Deli, and Dairy.

West Central Online recently came across numbers from the first half of 2022, showing the difference that Foodmesh makes in the community.

From the beginning of January until July 31st, 39,266 kg of food was "given a second chance". That number means over 72,000 meals were provided, and the totals do not include other food recovered from businesses and private sources.

Food is given out by Foodmesh free of charge every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, delivered locally, or to communities as far as an hour away. 

With the success of the program, Foodmesh is always looking for volunteers. One or two hours of help in the afternoon or evening is all that's expected, and people outside of Kindersley can also help out by being a contact that helps get food out to an area.

Anyone interested in helping out with Foodmesh can contact Barbe Dunn at 306-460-9304.