There were a trio of notable junior football games over the past couple of days.

One game under the lights in Rosetown as Kindersley's Elizabeth Middle School Lions came to town, and then two games that helped decide the top four spots in the North West Minor Football League for 2022.

Starting with last night's game in Rosetown, Kindersley took a victory under the lights:

More from that game is available above through their Facebook page, as earlier in the week the games were for all the marbles.

Starting with the championship game, Macklin defeated Kerrobert by a big score to take home the league title, and make memories that will last forever as they hoisted the championship trophy high:

Now, finishing off with the third place game that took place in Plenty. The Jr. Wildcats took the win in a very tight game, but that is not what fans were focused on after a terrible injury was suffered by one of their players:

We spoke to coach Morgan Rousseaux after the game, and he didn't have an update on the player who went into surgery the day after; but he did have this to say on the player's toughness.

"Tough kid. I don't think I have ever seen someone handle a broken leg quite that well," said the Jr. Wildcats coach, putting himself in the player's shoes, "I know if I was in Grade 7, I would have been crying and calling for my parents. He handled everything very well."

Minor football in the area seems to be finished, but the high school slate is still ongoing and will look to finish the fall season strong.