Kindersley Town Council met on Monday to talk on a range of topics, but something that stood out were the plans highlighted in the Infrastructure Capacity Assessment. An assessment that is made every 10 years to go over all the town's infrastructure and makes an assessment on the state of things. 

A 119 page report was made available going over every step of the process and giving councilors a very good idea of what needs immediate attention, what can be left for another set amount of time or is within working order. 

This report includes assessments for all steps of water management and treatment, be it water distribution or wastewater treatment.  

It also goes over roadways and their current states as well 

Kim Vogel, CAO of Kindersley spoke with west central online explaining the next steps to be taken after receiving this package,

“... We do have a number of capital projects in the works. We tendered out big water main refurbishment. So basically what that is is some of our cast iron water mains, we're replacing those. So there's about 4 different blocks that will be completed.  

We tendered that out ... [The company doing the work is] actually mobilizing as we speak and they'll be beginning the work.  

All those residents will see temporary water hookups, so they won't be without water during the replacement. “ 

In addition to the water main work going on, there are plans to fix the roads as well, 

“we will be completely doing a restructure of a portion of our service road, 11th Avenue, between Kinnersley Glass and Tisdale's, that one we've been waiting to do for quite a while. 

We're also resurfacing the 100 block on 3rd Ave. East by the Post office, so that's getting done. And then we're doing a full construction of Knox Street.  

So that's going to finalize Coleman Crescent in Rosedale and we've got those lots that are for sale there. So that would be nice to see that finalized.  

And then of course, we have our annual patching. We've got $170,000 that we have set aside to do patching throughout Kindersley. So that will be for the East side, West side, and Rosedale. We'll see lots of patching done for our pavement."

There is no schedule as of reporting regarding the paving, but the water main replacement is expected to be starting as soon as possible. 

Read the full Infrastructure Capacity Assessment within the council meeting agenda here 

Be sure to stay informed on the Town of Kindersley webpage as well as their Facebook for start dates for construction and any changes that may occur.