Our latest Country 104 "Classroom of the Month" trip took us to Westcliffe Composite School in Marengo. Senior students in the school's Distance Learning Centre classroom were treated to a pizza lunch courtesy Boston Pizza in Kindersley!

Teacher Janice Bond has made a few nominations over the years, and was ecstatic to finally win the monthly pizza prize! She said this group of kids particularly deserved it, as without going into too much detail, their lives have been rocked over the past few years by the loss of at least three peers.

"They have overcome, and are looking forward to their future." said Bond in the submission email. 

The content team wasn't the only visitors the school had on Wednesday. Classroom of the Month just so happened to crossover with Westcliffe's Rider Reading Program day!

With only one day left before the start of the Easter break, students in Marengo couldn't have asked for a better end to the week.

COTM Marengo Roughriders.jpg The students enjoyed some gym time with Roughriders #51 Peter Godber, and #12 Brett Lauther before going back to class for the afternoon

Do you want a Boston Pizza delivery to your classroom? Submit today for the chance to be named the winner for April!