With that another month of the school year is over and that means pizza party time!  Ms. Diemert’s grade 8 class at Elizabeth Middle School were highlighted as May’s Classroom of the Month. They got to celebrate all the hard work they’ve done over the school year with a visit from Country 104 Morning Show host, Darien Rae and of course a delicious pizza lunch courtesy of Boston Pizza Kindersley. 

The students were very excited to have Country 104 recognize all the hard work they have put in this year. The class was all smiles and laughter during the lunch hour. The nomination submitted online highlighted reasons the grade 8 class should be the Classroom of the Month in May. 

“These kids are amazing and hard working. They deserve to be rewarded with pizza!” 

Congratulations to Ms. Diemert’s grade 8 class at Elizabeth Middle School, don’t stop being amazing! Nominate a class in West Central Saskatchewan who you know deserves to be June's Classroom of the Month here