After a busy hockey season travelling around the province to support players on and off the ice, Kindersley's DJay McGrath has been keeping his schedule just as tight. McGrath has athletes around the province taking part in his mental health program online, he's in the midst of planning multiple 3v3 hockey tournaments for the summer, all while trying to enjoy the nice time of year outdoors anytime he can.

An exciting announcement regarding the second annual Mental Health Classic in Kindersley came on June 4. McGrath was eager to announce that the Kindersley Jr Klippers will be joining him to help make the weekend of hockey even better.

"Super grateful. Head coach Clayton Jardine reached out and asked if the Klippers could be a part of it. They have some skates, an intrasquad game on the Saturday and Sunday, so it will be awesome for the kids to watch the Klippers do that." said McGrath, who won't be afraid to send the junior hockey players to work.

Partnering with the Klippers is a dream come true for McGrath.

"Makes me feel special because I was a Klipper. I got to be the captain of my hometown hockey team, and it's kind of a full circle that I get to work with the Klippers." he said. "I want the kids to enjoy that, hanging out with the Klippers and talking about mental health, and most importantly having fun."

The extra help also allows McGrath to worry less about the Kindersley tournament, and put more focus into another 3v3 tournament he is hosting in Saskatoon. It's a busy time for the mental health in hockey advocate, and he can't thank his former team enough.

"Makes my life easier knowing I have the right support, and the right group of kids like the Klippers to help me out, to make that weekend a successful one."

McGrath made that announcement from home in Saskatoon, just a few days before a street hockey date with some excited kids down the highway in Biggar. Another way to give back to the kids, and add to his career point total, McGrath credited Demonda Evanisky of Biggar for setting up yet another street hockey game at the local elementary school.

"Been a huge supporter of mine. Two years ago I went and shared my story with the kids, and they wanted me back to play some street hockey, and it seems like an every year thing. Been down there five times now, and I feel like I have created a special bond with each one of those kids, usually get 30+ kids coming out." said McGrath on what was another great time. "My biggest goal is for the kids to come out and have fun. Then have a little mental health talk with them, making sure they are being leaders, and if they see any bullying going around that they have the right tools to put a stop to it." finished McGrath as he wants to be a role model for kids everywhere, but especially in a community like Biggar where he is putting down some roots.

McGrath mentioned that Biggar has players registered in both of his 3v3 tournaments. The relationship with the community has become a deep one, that he expects will continue for years to come.

"They believe in what I am doing, right? It's good, I am very thankful that I get an opportunity to go down there and help these kids."

Finishing our conversation, McGrath pivoted back to the upcoming tournament in Kindersley, giving major thanks to his hometown for any upcoming support. If all goes to plan, the Mental Health Classic will continue to get bigger and better each year, as McGrath took a moment to commend the people and businesses of Kindersley.

"Kindersley, I have been really working hard to get this tournament in Saskatoon rolling. It's a big thing, I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and am trying to expand myself in Saskatoon. I just don't want Kindersley to forget that I am doing my hardest to make (Kindersley's) weekend a successful one, bringing on the Klippers." said McGrath who will be making a trip to town soon to try and round up some funds. "Without you guys this tournament will not be possible. All the money that we collect is going straight to ice time, jerseys, swag bags, mental health speakers, make that a successful weekend."

Anyone interested can contact DJay through his Facebook page here, and also visit his website for more information.

"I would love for the community to get together and put on a fun tournament. It's not about me, it's about the kids and the community getting together. Just wanted to give a big shoutout to Kindersley, and I am super excited to head back there in August. That's where it all began, in my hometown."