With Canadian Environment Week having started on the 2nd , the ministry of environment is putting the focus on illegal dumping.  

Environment Minister Christine Tell in a recent release stated, 

“Illegal dumping remains a significant challenge - one that threatens public health, damages the environment and harms our communities. We hope this campaign encourages communities to protect natural spaces, reduce clean-up costs and send a clear message that we value our environment.” 

The aim of Environment Week is to make the community aware of environmental protection and things we can do together to show that we value our outdoor spaces. 

Also contained in the release were the consequences for those that are caught illegally dumping, 

  • Fines for littering start at $580 (individual) and $1,400 (corporation). In more severe cases, a court appearance may be necessary. The responsible parties would also be required to clean up the materials and dispose of them at a permitted waste disposal site at their cost.  

  • Additionally, under the Municipal Refuse Management Regulations, it is unlawful to establish a waste disposal ground without a permit - resulting in a $580 fine for the responsible party.  

  • It is also against the law to leave out attractants, like food waste, for bears, wolves, cougars and coyotes. Failure to manage attractants can result in fines under The Wildlife Regulations, 1981. 

Things you can actively do to help protect our environment include, 

  • Dispose responsibly: Use designated waste disposal sites and recycling facilities. 

  • Don't burn waste: Burning plastic releases chemicals into the air we all breathe - causing long-term health problems. 

  • Spread the word: Educate others about the impact of illegal dumping on our environment. 

  • Report: If you suspect someone is dumping or burning mixed waste unlawfully, please call the TIPP line at 1-800-667-7561. 

More information on illegal dumping and the effects it has on the outdoors can be found here