Just days after the federal government announced a pause on the carbon tax for home heating oil, as well as higher carbon tax rebates for those living in rural areas, the Premier of Saskatchewan, has fired back about what will happen in Saskatchewan. 

In an address released on social media, Scott Moe called on the federal government to remove the carbon tax on all home heating in Canada, no matter the source. 

"It’s only fair to other Saskatchewan and Canadian families,” Moe stated. “Hopefully that exemption will be provided soon, but if not, effective January 1st, SaskEnergy will stop collecting and submitting the carbon tax on natural gas, effectively providing Saskatchewan residents with the very same exemption that the federal government is giving heating oil in Atlantic Canada.” 

In the video on social media, Moe admitted the move isn’t technically legal, and normally he would not advocate for taking illegal action, but the federal government has created two classes of taxpayers with the exemption for heating oil. 

“As premier, it’s my job to ensure Saskatchewan residents are treated fairly and equally with our fellow Canadians in other parts of the country, and that’s what I am doing today,” Moe continued. “Of course, the real solution would be for the federal government to scrap the entire carbon tax on everyone and everything, but until that happens, it needs to at least be applied fairly across Canada, and that should mean no carbon tax on using natural gas to heat your home this winter in Saskatchewan.” 

The move is being supported by the Opposition NDP as well, at least in theory. During Question Period in the Legislature, NDP Leader Carla Beck said the move to not collect the carbon tax on SaskEnergy bills is justifiable. However, she also asked about what the province would be willing to do to help with affordability now. In response, Moe stated the utility rates in Saskatchewan are the lowest in the country, and the policy of the federal government is unfair.  

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