The Town of Kindersley has a few new blue bins inside town limits. They shared the news with residents on social media Thursday afternoon.

The new recycling depot is located inside the industrial area near Loraas Environmental’s new facility. People will notice the bins just outside of property's fence line on the northwest corner of #1020 6th Avenue West, situated just off of the back lane. 

The Town wants people to know it's available for use immediately but gave a reminder of who and what it's really for. 

"We want to stress that this recycling depot is available for Town of Kindersley residents and commercial users located within the Town of Kindersley." shared their social media. "We also want to be clear that items that are dropped off must be clean and fully recyclable items.

Any waste that makes its way into the bin contaminates the entire unit, making it instead be disposed as waste material. This has been a problem in the past, with these bins having been "most always considered 'waste' as they were always highly contaminated."

"We are excited to have Loraas provide this service for us, and we hope our Kindersley residents feel the same and RESPECT this new area," the account also stated in its thread. "If it is RESPECTED then it will continue to operate!! What a win-win for everyone and the environment too!"

Again, the new facility is located within Kindersley's industrial area, and you can check out a full map below.

F99bWV-WAAAbSHQ.jpg Photo via Town of Kindersley on Twitter/X

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