West-central Saskatchewan and other areas in the southern half of Saskatchewan have benefitted from recent rain.

The northern part of the province has not been as lucky.

"The north didn't get much rain, at all," shared Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang Lang.

Northern Saskatchewan could have used the extra relief with the wildfire threats. Lang was curious about the decision to remove the recent fire ban north of Highway 16, but did say that there are some positives when it comes to the current weather situation up north.

"They are definitely benefitting from the higher humidity and lower temperatures, and not as strong winds for fighting the fires. But they certainly didn't get much rain out of this particular system."

The current conditions definitely create less of a hazard when it comes to new fires starting.

"It speaks to fire behaviour. If you have hot, dry weather, that contributes to really aggressive fire behaviour. If you have cooler, wetter air that contributes to less aggressive fire behaviours. They are benefitting from the air mass, the type of air that is there. But they aren't getting much rain out of it."

A quick look at the forecast for up north shows little to no rain this weekend from Meadow Lake north to Uranium City.