The Garden Gallery is the place to be for a fun and interesting art exhibition. Greg Allen and Jeff Meldrum have brought their traveling art show to the gallery for the month of April.  

The show is titled Micro and Macro of the Boreal Forest and compares two different but very important elements of the forest ecosystem.  

Greg Allen’s art focuses on the micro with his paintings of algae, lichen and moss. In the paintings themselves Allen wanted to showcase the diversity of color and shape found in the Canadian shield 

MicroGreg Allen's 10 Paintings on Birch 

Jeff Meldrum on the other hand uses his medium to put the macro in the spotlight, where he set up camera traps to capture bears, elk, and deer interacting with his artistic inventions. 

MacroJeff Meldrum's seven photos

All are welcome to visit and experience the art itself. 

The gallery is open 10 to 5 Monday to Friday. 

More information can be found here.