Daylight Saving Time came into play over the weekend across Canada.

WestCentralOnline conducted a poll on the topic prior to the weekend. The verdict is in, as it's not that much of a surprise that a vast majority of the population wants to axe the twice-yearly time-change. 

Screenshot 2024-03-11 085817_0.jpg Should Daylight Saving Time be observed in Canada? 83% of people don't.

"Disruptive." said one respondent.

"Idiotic!" wrote another.

Those were two of the responses back. Another person assessing the situation said to just pick one and stay there, while another answer touted more evening light, and forgetting what the USA wants to do as a main reason.

Just because no clocks were adjusted in Saskatchewan, it doesn't mean the prairie province can't be part of the discussion. You can still give your say regarding the poll in the related stories section below.