A total of $7.9 million will go to five companies to support agriculture, agri-food and advanced manufacturing.

The funding will help scale up and bring innovative products and services to market including agriculture based Protein Powered Farms at Perdue, TC Nutrition Inc and SeedMaster Manufacturing Ltd.

Heidi Dutton says Protein Powered Farms and Sunnydale Foods welcome the investment in Saskatchewan’s first commercial-scale extrusion facility.

"It is a strong signal of Canada’s confidence in Saskatchewan’s capacity to develop sustainable food products that are both healthy for consumers and healthy for the planet. This project showcases how Canada is leading the way in sustainable and environmentally conscious food development.”

Stats show that since 2012, Saskatchewan's annual revenue from value-added agriculture has almost doubled from $3.5 billion to an estimated $6.8 billion in 2020-21.

Overall, more than 300 food processing and beverage companies in Saskatchewan produce a wide range of cereal, meat, dairy and bakery products, as well as food ingredients.

In addition to the $7.9 million, another  $2.3 million will go to 13 urban, rural and Indigenous communities to help build and improve recreation, tourism and community infrastructure.

More details and a complete listing of all the companies and communities that will benefit from the funding can be found here.

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