Additional supports are on the way for Saskatchewan families who require medical care outside the province. The Government of Saskatchewan announced the news in a release on Wednesday, in the form of financial assistance.

For anyone pediatric patients 16-years-old or younger, the province is offering reimbursement and accommodation expenses for them and their caregiver. People will be able make claims retroactively with the move coming into effect April 1, 2024, the beginning of the fiscal year.

"We understand the challenges families can face when they have a sick child, particularly those who are also having to deal with travel accessing specialized care outside of the province," Health Minister Everett Hindley said. "That's why we are taking steps today to reduce the financial burden for families so they can focus on their healing journey for their child."

The release does state that, "expenses covered include the cost of transportation by airline or car, hotels or stays with family members and meals up to $2,000 per trip." Approval from the Ministry of Health to travel is also required, similar to any other medical treatment coming from outside of the province according to the government. Patients applying for the support must also have their provider (specialist, physician, or surgeon), "indicate the expected length of stay required for treatment".

The aim for this relief is to assist surgical or diagnostic treatment, that are both medically necessary, and not available in the province.