It should be an exciting game at the Kyle Community Sports Centre tonight, as the Eston Ramblers will be heading southeast to battle their playoff rivals from the deer near the South Saskatchewan River. We talked to Ramblers forward Jesse Ismond about the best of three series so far. 

“With Kyle, it's always kind of competitive, long last standing history with the Elks and the competitiveness there. So, it’s always expected to have a battle with them. And then two great goaltenders with Elks goalie (Richard) Palmer. And then Kinger (Tyrell King) in Eston came back for us, just to give us a little boost and he's always been strong for us, so it's been good.” 

Ismond then talked about the season for the Ramblers so far. 

“We came out hot and then went through a little lull but a good season, it got us into a good position for playoffs and we are looking forward to continuing on.” 

Game time from Kyle is 8:00 pm this evening.