If you are planning to head south you might want to plan a detour, as the Riverhurst ferry will remain closed for the time being. 

Repairs on the vessel were supposed to take until the end of june, following a rehabilitation project to the ferry’s hull. Now due to unforeseen circumstances, regarding the primary and backup engines, the ferry will remain closed. 

Ministry officials are working hard to get one engine working for the time being but no timeline has been released as of reporting. 

The engines were originally manufactured in the 1980s and are at the end of their life. This makes them harder to service and maintain as industry standards have changed. 

 February a tender was put out for two new engines (main and spare) that are expected to be received in the fall and installed before the 2025/26 season. 

In a release the ministry “understands the frustration this delay has for local area residents and tourism. We appreciate the patience and understanding of everyone who uses this ferry.”