The Biggar RCMP used part of their most recent report to focus on a two-wheel problem being noticed in the community. The detachment shared that multiple complaints surrounding bicycles have come in with the summer season here, specifically about being used on sidewalks, and especially the ones moving along at excessive speeds. 

As a result of the recent complaints, SGT. Dereck Crozier wants to see more caution out of local bicycle riders. Citing "genuine concern" for the safety of both pedestrians and riders in the event of a collision, it's more of an ask than a suggestion said the detachment commander.

"This is a reminder that Biggar does have a By-law that does not allow bikes to be driven on sidewalks and a reminder to parents to teach their children that pedestrians do have the right of way."

Respect on the road goes a long way. Common sense is one solution to curbing the problem.

"If your going to operate against the by-law, that out of courtesy, bikers should move off the sidewalk when encountering pedestrian traffic." said Crozier.

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