Multiple charges headlined the June 24 Biggar RCMP report. Local RCMP gained answers into a months long investigation, as a situation involving youths snowballed into something much bigger. 

The report stated that "a 17-year-old local youth was arrested and charged for break enter and theft to a home on the 300 block of 6 Avenue East", and that "the youth also stole a gun and vehicle from the property that have since been recovered."

The charges didn't stop there, as police confirmed more details.

"After a lengthy investigation into the recent arsons the town has experienced over the last six months, the same 17-year-old and a 15-year-old have been charged under the YCJA and will both appear in Biggar Provincial court on the arson matters on September 4."

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Those weren't the only charges handed down during the week, as two individuals are also scheduled for court on September 4.

"Four calls of assault this week resulting in two people being charged," shared the report. "30-year-old Josh Froehlich and 30-year-old Kim Paulson were both arrested with charges and placed on conditions of no contact with their victims"

Police as always were also kept busy out on the highway, handing out two tickets and two warnings. Members dealt with multiple calls regarding a person walking down the middle of Highway #14, later giving them a courtesy ride back to Saskatoon to avoid any more complaints. Another call out had police tracking down a gas-and-dasher, giving out a stern warning/ultimatum that led to the eventual payment. The detachment also reported a collision with a deer east of Biggar on Highway #14. 

The last thing to share on the report was a distress call received by local police. They were joined by EMS at a residence following reports of an individual not being able to breath or speak, only for police to end up interrupting some 'personal time' as the response was cancelled upon the return of regular breathing patterns.

There were a total of 38 occurrences during the week.