SGI has announced that they're teaming up with the Saskatchewan Roughriders on a new program to help people driving long distances to home games in Regina.

The safe driving message is included on the big screens, on deals, and on signage throughout the stadium, even on parking passes and wristbands.

SGI Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says that the program is focused on making sure long-distance drivers know there are plenty of solutions for making the trip.

"One of the things that's happening is that there is a recognition that those people maybe need to be a little bit more creative in finding a safe ride home or just at least make a bit more of a plan because they might not have, you know, public transit or ride share or taxi readily available if they're traveling from other towns."

"There's never an excuse to drive impaired, and there's always a better option, of course, when it comes to people traveling to the games from out of town, they can do things like making sure that they have a safe, sober ride within their group, somebody who is not going to partake in any alcohol or anything else that might impair them and making sure that everybody in the delegation gets home safely."

"There's also the option of perhaps staying in town overnight after the game, whether it's at a hotel or at a friend's house to make sure that they are well recovered from the excitement and the partying of the game and able to hit the highway the following day.

The Roughriders will also be crowning a safe ride champion at every game, recognizing them with a gift basket and showing them on the big screen.

"It would be a season ticket holder who has a safe ride in and out of town and they will be recognized at the game including publicly on the Maxtron," said McMurchy. "There will also be a great prize pack from SGI and the Saskatchewan Roughriders that will go to that safe ride champion every game."

McMurchy says he's excited for the season ahead of the Roughriders and hopes everyone drives safely this season.