The Town of Rosetown gave a new year reminder to residents about keeping pets in their control.

Currently, licensed cats and dogs are not permitted to roam free in Rosetown. A Facebook post from January 8 states clearly that at no time is an owner allowed to let their animal run at large, and that when not on the owner's private property, animals (dogs specifically) must be under a persons control.

The criteria for animals to be "considered at large" is if the animal is:

  • beyond the boundaries of the land occupied by the owner or any other person having care or control of an animal;
  • beyond the boundaries of any lands where it may be with the permission of the Owner or occupant of the said land not securely confined within an enclosure;
  • not securely fastened or leashed, thereby enabling it to roam at will

A couple Rosetown residents were vocal in the comments for the post, sharing alternate-programs such as trap-and-neuter systems as a possible solution for any excess population.